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Emojious Who?
Emojious is a collection of icons used to express ideas, tones and emotions.
Finger picked
Icons are hand-crafted and carrefuly selected so every doodle reflects passion, joy and attention to detail.
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With the help of our web app, you can easily browse and click download for any icon. That's all, no e-mail required.
On and On
Our task is to launch firm & regular new updates, based on a research that fits your needs.
FREE Icons?
All icons are delivered for FREE at the click of a button in PNG 64px size. For more formats you need to unlock PRO version.
Premium Support
Any issues will be solved in a single Earth spin. That’s 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds.

Strong points.

Emojious is something fresh & special, giving the possibility to send a feeling anywhere without using words.  

  • Created from scratch
  • 3 Multiple styles
  • 26 categories
  • Website search engine
  • Fully editable vector
  • Instant FREE download
  • Created on a precise grid
  • Guaranteed quality & consistency
  • Built for all platforms
  • Ready to use formats
  • Crazy use on Web, Mobile, Print, Desktop, Tatoos.

Pick me, I am quirky, eye-catching and certified five-star product.

Tech & Multimedia
57 icons
x 3 styles
Space & Weather
44 icons
x 3 styles
35 icons
x 3 styles