Our timeline

It is not about expand, it is about focus. Focus on what identifies us.

- new icons to be added monthly
- user login and cart system to be implemented
- new style ready-to-use: gradient
Hello, we're here.
February 2019
Emojious 1.5
-new model of icon delivery for WEB APP
-free download for all icons in PNG 64px format
-website facelift redesign
December 2018
Emojious 1.2
Solid update to Emojious this very month. Happy holidays!
- 6 new categories: Beauty & Fashion, Fantasy, Fitness & Health, Household, Religions, Security
- 205 icons x 3 styles added, total of 615 new icons
November 2018
Emojious 1.1
Dear users, this update was scheduled on December, but we managed to launch this update much faster!
- iconJar collection added with full names and tags
November 2018
Emojious 1.0
We're launching with our first version of library that contains 1028 icons in 3 styles: Line, Color and Flat. Total of 3084 icons.
October 2018
Emojious 1.0beta
Backbreaking work of checking and re-checking icons, testing website and receiving feedback from creatives across the web.
July 2018
Emojious 0.9
Emojious preparing to be launched as a digital product.
February 2018
Emojious 0.0
The creative web was in need of an innovative icon set to contain something different from the usual libraries found on the internet. That's how Emojious idea was born, a library that will collect icons, each to smile, to lift up the spirit and to make a better web.